Water Softeners

Our water solutions remove hardness and softens household water using minimal salt and water. Experience cleaner clothes, softer hair, soft towels, residue-free showers, richer lathers and more.


Soft Water with Hard Results


Our Impression Plus Series is the best line of water softeners money can buy! Our water softening systems can help your water be healthier for you and your company or home. Get the clear, soft water you want and deserve. 


Large or Small, We Do it All


Whether you need a large, long-term water softening solution or just a small unit for your home, Mid-Florida water can help. We can handle requests of any size! Industrial buildings that are looking for softer, cleaner water will find joy in our effective and safe water solutions. But this isn’t just for big business! Your home can be water friendly too. We offer residential services for homes of all shapes and sizes. 


Water Softening Helps Your Home Heal! 


Our water softening services can help your home with several water issues, such as:


Annoying Chemicals


Harmful chemicals like arsenic, cyanide, chrome, copper, nickel and other harmful ions don’t belong in your water. We can make sure they stay out during regular maintenance. 


Iron and Sulfur Issues


Unwanted iron and sulfur can lead to rust buildup and bad tasting water. Water with these irritants in it can potentially be harmful to clothing or appliances. We can ensure that these issues don’t cause damage to your home or business during our maintenance inspections.


Bad Smells


A bad smelling water system can be more than just harmful to your water, it can be bad for your personal health or just flat out annoying! Investing in regular maintenance services for your water issues can help prevent negative odors that make your house or home a negative place.

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Customer Reviews

Fair prices, prompt replies, same day service, great guy. What more could you want?
Actually, I got 4 estimates for our new water treatment system, and Jeff beat all the others in price, for virtually the same equipment. Would use again, if ever needed
Marcia T
Jeff and his helper were great. He gave me a price that was substantially less than another company quoted, for the same install. Jeff and his helper were neat and quick and quite thorough, and when they were done, there was no mess, nothing for me to throw away or clean. I would definitely recommend Mid Florida Water Conditioning to ANYONE & EVERYONE!
Ronald D
These guys really know what there doing very organized. Very reasonable price and they don’t try to scam you into buying something you don’t need. They were here on time and got the job done! My water is great now and I highly recommend
Steven C